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  1. Excellent Video and many thanks for this Value Added a video as it is very useful for multichannel sellers. Thank you. Being a part of our KartzHub – Multichannel order management software family and you can log in to know more updates on our platform.

  2. Sorry I understand now abt involves Asia .can I use other ppl phone no first for verification of Lazada , cos I'm in oversea now no local phone to use , when I'm BK I can change BK to my phone no right ? Tq

  3. Involves Asia I still have to fill in add new property : I fill in influencer then they ask for URL and property description, so how to fill in ? I type my fb/ my name but not acceptable, tq

  4. I need to know at the blog the address is my website ac , you mean I must have my website ac , what does it mean ,? Tq

  5. Hi. Is it really necessary to have the involve asia account? for some reason i did not get approved when i registered.

  6. Hi there one question, the tshirt on lazada is it your product or other party?

    n if other party how do u get the authorization to sell their product? so the income will be based on product commision?


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