Yonex Astrox 7 Badminton Racket Review – Racket No 591


Yonex Astrox 7 Badminton Racket Specs:

Weight: 4u
Balance: Head Heavy
Shaft stiffness: Stiff
Max String tension: 20-27lbs

Strung weight: 87.9g
Balance: Very Head Heavy
Shaft Stiffness: Stiff

All of our rackets are re-strung with the same string to 25lbs tension.

We use the same shuttle cocks on all tests

We test all rackets in exactly the same way

Our player tries to hit all shots at the same velocity and strength to minimise variation.

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  1. Could you please tell which racquet is better: the Astrox 7 or Astrox Smash? Would you recommend one if there is any better ones. However, I am from Australia, and I don't want to order from overseas, so racquets such as the Astrox 39 unfortunately aren't an option for me. I am looking for a racquet that has a stiff and head-heavy build that is around the same price as the Astrox 7, or even lower if possible(in the case that it's better).

  2. Hello sir can you suggest me recomended string tension for lining 99 ace and which string…lining no.1 or bg 66 ultimax

  3. Sir , which racket is better to buy among Yonex Voltric 7 DG or Yonex astrox 7 or yonex duora 77lcw ?
    I'm really confused among these rackets ?

  4. I own this racket. I'm not a world class player but casual competitive. Mostly doubles.

    Comparing to my 6u ashaway, 5u nanoflare 170 & 270.

    This guy is spot-on. To generate power on this racket while needing to move fast is quite difficult. A flick shot often hurts My wrist just to generate the power needed to clear to the back. I would not recommend this racket to people of my level. It CAN give beautiful smashes but easily drives fatigue up the wall. The speed trade off just isn't worth the potential this racket gives at my level.

  5. Sir previously i was using astrox88d but it’s broken now. I want to go for cheaper racket . Which one is better astrox 7 or 9 ?

  6. Please do Astrox 69 review. Can't decide on what I should get between these three. Astrox 69, Nanoflare 270 or Astrox 7. 😊🙏

  7. please help in choosing a new Racket. I am using Astrox 9 now… i am considering to change the racket… please suggest me the new racket…

  8. Please review Astrox 6 as well. Need a head heavy, high flex racket, I think Astrox 6 will do the job but expert opinion required 😉

  9. Hi, I watch all your videos to know the specs of the racquet…One small request to you is when you show the racquet from close…please show the serial number as well and bottom end Yonex logo….So that it will be easy for us to buy a genuine racquet…Because now a days i could see so many replica racquets being sold…Hence i request you to show the serial number whether it's laser print or hand print….thank you so much

  10. Which rackets is best astox 7 or 9 and as compares to those who is best for smashing, I am very attacking player and also smashing plz plz sir rlp and what ❓ which strings we use to

  11. Hii
    It's a great review video , gives an idea various rackets.
    I am an intermediate player. I have been using nanoray 6000i and nanoray 4i intially , now I would like to shift to astrox 6 . What do you suggest?

  12. Just binge watched your reviews sir, it's so addicting! Btw, which one do you think would be best for me astrox 7, duora 77, or duora 88? I've been playing with even-balanced rackets for a quite long time and thinking should I venture to head-heavy rackets world? I like offensive play style rather than defensive. I also play both doubles and singles. Any help would be greatly appreciated sir, Thanks!


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