Testing The Cheapest Outdoor WiFi PTZ IP Camera I Could Find – Besder Security Camera Review


This is a review of one of the most affordable budget outdoor PTZ IP security cameras on the market. I got this from Aliexpress and it cost me $37 including shipping which is really cheap for a outdoor PTZ IP camera.

The seller I bought from on Aliexpress:

Here’s the camera on Amazon:

My name is Chris and I’m the owner of securitybros.com. I test surveillance cameras and security products on Youtube and on my website.

Links above are my affiliate links to Amazon Associates or other related programs. I may earn a commission if you purchase through my links. I bought this Besder outdoor PTZ camera from Aliexpress.

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  1. That's not bad for a few bucks. How secure is the WiFi connection on it? I'd be worried someone could access the cameras remotely.

  2. I just bought the same camera from an Instagram APP for more than 75$! :S I feel stupid. -.-'
    Someone knows the credentials to access this camera?
    The App YCC365 Plus does not allow to download the recorded footage.

  3. Hello, can I connect multiple phones to camera? For example my brother would also like to have access to view camera but I am already connected with my phone to it .

  4. Love your videos they are pretty good
    Wanted to get your advise for new installers who work for themselves, how can they get jobs where should they go, specially In the us thanx

  5. STOP PROMOTING THESE SHIITY CAMS !!! They use a cloud based in China No security You pay for them to setup the biggest spying network
    ever The app is shitty you loose connection sometimes profile and have to subscribe for a new account !! Read the comments in the app ! Fuck these commies !!!

  6. This camera is ONVIF compatible only in wired mode. You can use in any NVR. But camera must be connected wired to internet router. If connected directly to NVR port it doesnt work.
    After connected to router. You can search in NVR for new cameras and it will appear the Camera.

  7. Thanks for a nice review! If you'd need to choose the best this type of ptz outdoor surveillance camera for let's say maximum 100$, which one would it be?

  8. Hi Chris got the same cctv camera I’m having problems with the Wi-fi connectivity may work for a day or 2 I then have to dismount it from garage wall and re connect it to Wi-Fi
    Would You know what range the Wi-Fi works also what ST card do you recommend thanks

  9. I have camera which looks like yours, the model is c-p05. Is it normal that the camera pans periodically to one side and than it moves also tilt up a bit and down a bit and than stabilise an working normally? Also, does this camera also track by tilt or just pan? Because my cam does not track by tilt. But at this moment camera is 1,70m above the floor and maybe is this why does not track by tilt, or just does not support tilt tracking? Thank you!

  10. It's perfect for when i hear something outside and wanna take a look around And make sure no one outside messing with my stuff

  11. i owned that camra the only annoying thing it does is around 2-3 am every morning the whit leds would light up for about 30 seconds and the camera would tilt up and down as if it was doing some type of reset or update ,other that it did ok but i rather have the other one you compared the $37 to


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