Testing A *FAKE* 2TB USB Flash Memory Stick (SCAM from Wish.com)


I was browsing a popular online gadget and gift store and I happened across a USB memory stick that claimed to have a capacity of 2 Terabytes, at a price of …



  1. Before you comment, read this:

    No, device manager or properties would not show the real capacity. The drive has been set up to misreport its size. The host OS cannot detect the true capacity. Formatting doesn't do anything useful either.

    The video is As long as it needed to be. I don't target any specific duration when I edit my content.

    You might see ads for Wish alongside this video. I don't have control of that. If you think about it, it's rather lovely that they're spending money imposing their ads against this vid

    Yes, I have weird thumbs. It's OK if you noticed that. It's very rude if you feel the need to comment on it. Learn some manners.

    If you're confused about why you can't see the reflection of my camera in the screen, take a lesson here: https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/refln/Lesson-1/The-Law-of-Reflection

    If you think I should have used a screen recorder, you're right, of course. I was lazy.

    If you like my shirt I'm happy about that. It's custom made – search my videos for shirts to see the whole story, or click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9unmbBEn_Yk
    (If you don't like my shirt, that's ok, because I love it for both of us)

  2. I see these all the time at boot sales and another youtuber called ColinAbroad does market haggling in Asian countries and they're everywhere there… I even saw him haggle for and buy one in a video (but I think he did put a clip of him testing it at the end and realised)

  3. The first USB stick actually looks really cool, they should use that design more often. Oh, and thought I would add I give grammar my best shot when commenting on your videos. I know you enjoy nice English. Gob bi.

  4. My mate bought a similar metallic 1TB drive. I told him off for wasting his money, and while the drive was just as slow it did seem to hold more.

  5. fake

  6. Wish is a load of crap. They promise amazing stuff but what you actually get is sad crap that never works and is always not what they say it is. Sometimes they refund the stuff, but they should not be selling lies in the first place

  7. I have a bad 512GB from Wish, BUT I'd not trust its data since I think all these are just chips that fail manufacturers tests.
    Windows reports it as 500.00GB, what hard drive have you ever seen that reports an exact value?! 😂

    Using Linux you can run a command to fill the drive with a pattern very easily:
    #yes "0000000" | tr "n" "1" > /dev/sdc
    run as root user it writes direct to the disk (sdc in this case)

    Verify the data with:
    $sudo pv /dev/sdc | tr –squeeze-repeats "00000001" "Z"

    The initial "yes" command will keep running until it gets a disk full code. (or so I hope! 🙈)

  8. I don’t know how I came across this video. However about a year ago I purchased a 2TB USB memory stick from Wish.com. It was gold, etched 2TB and cost about £11. I couldn’t figure out why my laptop was unable to detect it. To cut a long story short, it was just the metal case and nothing inside.

  9. Somehow all of your scambaiting never once made me think you may work in IT.
    But this did. Lovely execution, and thanks for your videos.

  10. They sell this trash on amazon as well. I paid over 20usd for 512gb and it turned out to be a usb2 32gb just rewriting over and over

  11. There is an automated wish costumer support service that I absolutely love because they give you back your money for literally anything you’ve bought with almost no questions asked

  12. my friend onced bought 2 flash drives each with 1TB storage and it never let him download a game, because he thought the flash drive dont let him download stuff Or insert stuff bigger than 500MB.

    Well thank you.

  13. My boss actually fell for this scam, he was so happy finding this deal. I told him it was fake, he plugged it into his computer, showed me the capacity and said he had already used it. So I asked if I could test it, which he agreed to. In the tool I used, I limited it to 10 gb, it could read back about 128 mb

  14. Just recently subscribed after being served some wholesome 'weird stuff in a can' ep's by the 'ole al gore rhythm, and discovering the diverse content on your channel with great joy! Keep up the great work, and hats off to the 'inception style plug for the 'in a can' series (watching my screen watching you watching a reflection of yourself in your screen whilst loading up yourself in a can on said screen…:D)


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