Solskjaer Critics Proved Wrong? Chong Signs! Man Utd News


Has Solskjaer proved his Man Utd critics wrong or is it too early to say? And Tahith Chongs signs a new deal at United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The …



  1. Shallow, not to see past the results to what wOle actually does. He has been clueless, he is clueless, nothing has changed.

  2. Love this video! Ill be anti glazer & air them syphoning money out of united rather than investing in the stadium! Positive news on Chong but i don’t overly rate him but hope he proves me wrong! Again we were in this position cause of glazers/ed looking to save money by letting contracts run down & triggering 1year option! I was complaining about glazers since 2005 & I will keep doing it! £1bn taken out & debt still £400 to be taken plus interest! No matter who clubs signed thatll be near 2bn taken out! Thats new £1bn stadium & 10 sanchos

    Rip for your family loss! I dont understand people who dont see animals as family members, either no heart or never had an animal

  3. I don't think Ole will be successful but if I can see what he is building I'll shut up and enjoy the results and back him. He might just surprise me and the Ole outers and make us eat our words. I hope he does. But we need to decide what is acceptable from him. So we keep him and celebrate top 4 like Arsenal or do we want more? I don't think Ole can win the championship even if he had a billion pounds. But what success looks like is a conversation worth having. The style of football is still garbage, off-the-cuff freestyle. That won't win the league. Thoughts?

  4. I'm Harry Jones but on someone else's device look at the comments after some of the big losses n see if I was quiet then. It's easy to support when your winning wher someone like ole a dream appointment deserved support is when it was tough. We are not calling out these 'plastic fans' who cried ole out at every bad result n some of whom said 'just get Allegri' they poison the atmosphere around the club, on the channel so it becomes,not a debate of differing opinions which would be great, but a torrent of tunnel-visioned reactionary moaning so we started to look like the poisonous arsenal fans of the last 5 years. Should support the team and acknowledge the actual positives that were there ie. Shipping out deadwood, playing kids, selling those who don't bleed red, and u derstamd the rare and amazing and lucky thing it is to have ONE OF US I'm charge who cares more about the club than his cv

  5. Mark come on. You ask who are we but who are you to say we weren't saying lets be patients etc when we were struggling and say it's all luck cos you are embarrassed that you've been influenced and become reactionary and reductive in our tough period. PLENTY OF PEOPLE were saying stuff like it takes to,e to implement the progressive and long term improvements ole was doing and despite having less points than whoever he had got the "deadwood" out you demanded and then ignored and their mercenaries- so in terms of evolution of the team in transfer terms their was significant positives and signing of Bruno has backed this up. All summer it was "if ole gets top 4 he should win manager of the year hands down" and would be a miracle without pogba- on the verge of meeting these standards and yet you howled at every bruising and didn't consider the long term and ignored the hugely valuable aspect of having someone like ole an ex player who loves the club and understands the ethos and spirit that makes our club so special and yet u didn't value it enough

  6. I'd like to see Phil Jones and Jesse Lingard send on their way. We can do better and we have the players to replace them.

  7. I hope we are able to signJaydon Sancho and Timo Werner. If Pogba leaves then Jack Grealish would be a perfect replacement.

  8. I’ve alway been ole in the trouble is ole outers are not patient they want to win the league after one summer transfer window

  9. Mark you are only saying all this because you instigate the negativity … the fanbase have opinions, you should simply convey and hold off with your own !! It makes things fair and more accurate, mate ..

  10. Win or lose … I think we should stick with Ole 💥💥💥 … Clearpar progress … Big shout out too Phelan

  11. Man united always lacked that world class number 10..
    Pereira and Lingard was one hell of a downgrade .. they work hard but football IQ is inborn..its either u have it or u dont..
    Fernandes is the game changer.

  12. Brilliant win the other day! But at the end of day, we cant forget about the lows this season… Losing to Burnley,Watford Ect

  13. That cat story at the beginning is what makes Mark Goldbridge special..
    He talks football but how he diverts it sometimes makes it so relatable to the audience…

  14. I think the turnaround has to be attributed to a lot of things from the coaching Bruno arriving to a bit of luck as well. But do not underestimate the influence that pr guru Neil Ashton has had, from the signing of Bruno and re signing Chong and the visit of Bellingham yesterday.


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