Samsung J7 Fake Lcd vs Original Lcd Screen difference and Compare -Gsm Guide


Difference Between Copy and Original Samsung Screen J7 PRO
The right lcd is original and the left is fake the blue filter work just in original lcd

Samsung J7 original Lcd vs Fake Lcd Screen difference and Compare -Gsm Guide



  1. it is very easy to spot the difference between fake and original. spotting the SAMSUNG logo and look for its design the letter A on the word SAMSUNG is very thin. it looks like this on the top / /

  2. Don't see much difference if one is half the price of the other. Only blue light filter to be honest and i don't use that anyway! .. thanks for the comparison

  3. sir i have samsung galaxy c7 pro (c7010) please send me link of original super amoled display i want to buy it. advance thanks nice video


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