Newton's 3 Laws, with a bicycle – Joshua Manley


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Why would it be hard to pedal a 10,000 pound bicycle? This simple explanation shows how Newton’s 3 laws of motion might help you ride your bike.


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  1. Me after watching 2 videos about maths and science.
    Now i know everything in the universe, im even smarter than einstein

  2. Here is the thing:

    F is not equal to m * a. It's equal to rate change of momentum
    i.e. d/dt (mv)

    If the mass remains constant, then only f = m×(dv/dt) = m×a. Assumptions should be minded all the time.

  3. What a JOke. All Newton Laws except the first one, makes no sense at all. It's the Biggest INDOCTRINATION and SCAM ever imposed upon children at school. EVerything is a FRAUD. Use your senses if you still have them.

    The 2nd FAKE Law in regards to Action and Reaction is really really STVPID !!! All there is, is a body exerting a suitable force to move something at a given speed. And if you exert too much force you break the resistance of that body you are pushing against, or should I say you reach the maximum point at which the molecular fracture occurs? Where is the line between Acceleration ( a= meters/ sec2) and Momentum (p= mass x meters/ sec) to make the physics meet as F= m x a == F= p / t ??

    And finally, the 3rd FAKE Law in regards to the Gravitation and attraction of bodies through a divine acceleration. It has NEVER been proved. Try it on yourself (F= g x (m x m' ) / d2) using different bodies and under different conditions of temperature and matter. It´s not the same dropping an object inside a tube of AIR than dropping it inside a tube of WATER.

    All it is, is mass, density, shape, chemistry, state of matter and boyancy. By the way, Earth is FLAT if you believe in a Creator of things. Otherwise get in the NASA Liars Club. They love you. Money is waiting for you to collect.

    It's a very elaborative Piece of FRAUD.

  4. You mean to tell me that the floor launches the bouncy ball back into the air?

    Hey and I thought my understanding of phisics was basic… 😅

  5. A student in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a large enough panic: The lesser-known Newton's 4th Law.


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