OMG guys! this was so exciting to open! we will be doing a giveaway with some of this stuff so if you want to have you chance to win all you have to do is like, …



  1. Lazada gave'd you that phone cause they've been scamming you since first order you guys deserve it while I've been scammed by lazada for a long time now but still no phone

  2. I think Lazada knows that you guys are well known Youtubers that's why they included that phone since they're getting a lot of flak recently due to most of the items that they include in these boxes are useless.

  3. I hope I will not get bashed on my comment, but i guess lazada DID really put the phone in there. Why? First of all, you already purchased from them, so I am pretty sure they know that you are the one ordering.
    Second, they know that you are a youtuber and tried their lock that it will be featured to your channel.
    Third, this is a free advertisement for them since there are also some online shopping app here in Philippines like Shopee that is now fast growing.

    Anyway, im happy for you for getting good stuffs. That is not what I am getting from them, ordered more than ten times, but only gets half of what you got.

  4. obviously this video is a set up for lazada mystery box.. to make it appear you can actually get a phone from a 2k mystery box.. yes indeeed it is possible.. but your chance of getting one is 1 out of 100 or more purchase

  5. It's not your fault sophie just as I saw the phone fell 2:21 my iphone happened accidentally too at the same time 😆😆😂. Nice vlog EverydayTV.

  6. hmmmm….. I think Lazada employees are your admirers or subscribers. The total cost of the merchandise is definitely more than 2K. 🙂


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