I've Played 500 HOURS of Battlefield 5… Was It Worth It?


I’ve played 500 hours of Battlefield 5 over the last 18 months… was it worth it? This video will give you my full opinion on each stage of Battlefield 5, from reveal to the Alpha, Beta, Launch, the Live Service and the Pacific Theatre. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

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  1. I really wish Dice and EA will go back to WW2 in the far future because I really believe they can make a great realistic game. This just isn’t it.

  2. This was the first battlefield I got bored from after only one hour of play. I really tried to like it, but it got boring.

  3. I’ve lost all my respect for Ea at this point. Like after how they pulled the plug of battlefront and forcing dice workers to end on a shity update.

  4. Thing is I still really enjoy playing this game for some reason. But it just misses the mark of consistently being exceptional that I suppose its an element of bad addiction.

  5. I have enjoyed my BF 5 experience a lot. I enjoyed it more than any BF since BC2, but that's just me, and I suppose im an outlier

  6. Why spend 500 hours on BF5 when you could’ve had way more fun playing something else, like say war zone. Idk why you spent so much time in such a insultingly horrible game.

  7. They had the formula already there with BF1. All they had to do was use it. By being different, they dug their own graves

  8. Dice Will also probably demonstrate in the next game they haven’t learnt a thing from any of this that’s my guess

  9. Even it the game is bad, if you enjoyed the game somehow (if you played 500 hours i dont think that you don't like it at all) i Think it was worth it

  10. I remember that fist trailer thinking it was a whole new game with alternate history like resistance or wolfenstein but when they said its ww2 I just thought it made no sense

  11. You had it right the first time. 11:41 Dice wasn't listening to it's player base.
    I'll never pre-order another EA product again, after hardline, BF1, and BF5 they have totally lost my confidence as someone who's played every BF title since 1942 and pre-ordered everything after BF2.
    If the next release isn't a modern shooter, with customization along the lines of BF4, I plan on just skipping it completely.
    I WANTED to like bf5. I put in a several hundred hours, unlocked everything, it was just flat. And the lack of player servers that could be actively administrated for the majority of online play time, the idiot that thought that up should absolutely be fired and blackballed from the industry.

  12. csgo players with 3k hours or more be like : bruh 500 hours ? dats what we play in 1 day
    btw i got 2500

  13. BF3: I have 1000+ Hours
    BF4: At least 520+ hours
    BF Hardline: At least 450+ hours
    BF5: as of May 3rd, 2020 I have 27 hours, I think its safe to say I'm not the biggest fan of it BF5

    We need a modern or slightly futuristic Battlefield game, if we get another older war game, I won't even purchase it


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