Iphone 6s Plus | Nawala | Naibalik kaya? | from LAZADA | Lancaster New City Cavite


Hi mga Ka-GAP! I wanna share to you how it went devastating for me when I lost my phone. It fell from the chair of my motorcycle. I was sending my sister Jacquelaine to Kalayaan that time. Halfway through, I was shocked and went haunting for my phone. My sister kept calling it until it got turned off. I went home, preoccupied and was learning to move on immediately. Praise God though, that after an hour or two, Mr. Dominic Villacampa who found the phone answered the call. I went to their house and have gone through many hindrances, before being able to. I’m just thankful that I got it back. Hat’s off to Villacampa Family for being a good samaritan. May God bless them back a hundred folds. Mwe mwe. Thank you for watching!

PS. A day before this happens, an officemate told me that she lost her iphone. It got snatched. I didn’t expect I would experience losing it as well. Kaloka.

My sister is entitled to her own thoughts and opinion. It doesn’t reflect the thoughts and opinion of the host, the show and the management. Char. She was grateful too that I got my phone back. Hindi ko talaga dapat siya ihahatid eh, napilitan lang ako. Haha




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