How Electricity Generation Really Works


Continuing the series on the power grid by diving deeper into the engineering of large-scale electricity generation.
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The importance of electricity in our modern world can hardly be overstated. What was a luxury a hundred years ago is now a critical component to the safety, prosperity, and well-being of nearly everyone. Generation is the first step electricity takes on its journey through the power grid, the gigantic machine that delivers energy to millions of people day in and day out. So how does it work?


Writing/Editing/Production: Grady Hillhouse

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  1. There’s a lot more to the discussion here, so let me know into which topics you’d like to go deeper in future videos. Thanks for watching!

  2. It isn't because of the Laws of thermodynamics that we get most of our electric energy from other forms of energy. It's because atmospheric electric energy harvesting is a suppressed industry. Get off the CO2 bandwagon!

  3. Downvoted and stopped watching as soon as you had to blow smoke out your arse about "climate.change"

    Stick to the damn subject matter.

  4. Great video, but it needs to be added that man-made global warming is a theory. It is important not to speak of it as if it were an undeniable scientific fact.

  5. I'd love to see a video on different nuclear reactor designs and designs that are currently in development. I've watched a few videos on a design they are working on the utilizes a liquid fuel source that is made from dissolved nuclear waste and self regulates its temperature without the need of a computer making it cleaner and safer than alot of the designs currently in use.

  6. This was great, thanks, been searching for "self generating electricity" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Diyadison Penhloe Blaster – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? It is a good one of a kind product for generating your own electricity without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.

  7. If all these people were serious about global warming they'd be building nuclear reactors but we never see that mentioned do we? Great video

  8. You do know that co2 is not responsible for climate change. Version 6 is out now and the sun is way more responsible for current weather patterns. Finally. Do you climate change parrots realise it's not co2 and how stupid you all look for screaming "the sky is falling" ? Soon you'll start arguing that no matter what it's co2. I'll bet that's how you'll handle it. Denial. Left brain ruled.

  9. i hold it in my hand and watch it all night long.
    theres something about playing with a foot wide sheet of corona discharge that makes you realise we arent being told the full story when it comes to what electricity is…
    sparks are boring. corona streamers though… beautiful. weird. no magnetic interaction, either…

    three phase has an interesting effect on the interaction of TRANSIENTS that no other number creates. the fields between the wires as loads are changing.

    you really skipped over the technical challenges of synchronising powerstations and why renewables is so challenging.

  10. Man i watched alot of your videos and i really liked every single second of them, u make me feel guilty for not clicking the thumbs up, much love to these videos brother keep it up

  11. You lost me when you demonised coal and linked bogus global warming to man made C02. I'm not a Climate denier but I'm not an Al Gore sychophant either.

  12. I have a solution to the carbon dioxide emissions but im 13 i dont think anyone will take me seriously
    How can i popularise my idea?

  13. Solar is full of problems: shoddy production, difficulty replacing shoddy, failed components, the huge CO2 load to produce the components, shipped from china on fossil fuels, they're made of mined metals and FOSSIL petro chemicals, all shipped around the world and all the way across the Pacific ocean and are weak and lazy energy traps……..
    There CO2 Trail is as long and filthy as the lies told to sell it…. Crap technology at its 'finest'

  14. I think the Power Factor discussion would be interesting, particularly for transmission lines…. it's the "twist" which pushes the power down the line and helps deliver accurate power to inductive sources such as when a high amount of air conditioning is used.

  15. I thank you for this, keep it KISS applies to me. This is a wonderful video . Never to old to Lear,

    79 and moving

  16. Did you say sol pas? I just started a company Mass Solar using nano based sol pas, affordable sol pas for the masses. Ask for Rod when you call.

  17. I’ve met with many power engineers. Dino fuel is still most efficient. Solar and wind uses so many chemicals. Where do they come and go? Most stuff on earth is still here. Garbage and recycle is all the same. Wash your clothes and dishes with detergents. Where does that go. The boxes and jugs? All the same hole .

  18. I'm lucky because here in Quebec, we have hydro-electric power which uses gravity and falling water to generates electricity.

  19. I though that the mention of electricity moving at the speed of light was a bit vague. While the electric signal will travel near the speed of light, does not the actual electric charge which is produced move closer to 1 mm/s (drift speed)?

  20. You discussed absolutely nothing to the contrary. how actually IS electricity generated which it is obvious you do not know either except a video blowing BS up peoples rear. implosion or vortex technologies are the future not explosion or even nuclear.


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