How Can Netflix Afford A $150 Million Gamble On 6 Underground?


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How can Netflix risk a $150 million dollars on a movie like 6 Underground especially when they recently let it be known that they’re cutting back on production budgets? John talks discusses the topic here.

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  1. Well John, I watched 6 Underground over the weekend. It's all I wanted in an action film! It keep me going from start to finish. I hope there's a sequel!!

  2. I couldn't get through 10 minutes of this movie. Believe me, it was exciting, but it just felt like empty Michael Bay coated calories and I just was didn't care to watch another 90 minutes of meaningless noise.

  3. I just thought it was a straight to netflix crappy action film like a lot of Ryan Reynolds films. there were no other stars in it. it wasnt until i watched a month later becuase nothing else was on i realised it must of cost a lot of money. Why spend that much money on a film that looks like his other straight to video crap.

  4. I can't remember a film that had that much long scene action sequences and explosives. A decent watch purely for the action

  5. What a terrible movie. The dialogs and the writing is just painfully awful. Most of the jokes are stupid one liners. However the cinematography and action sequences are 1. Class. To me it was a waste of talent on a idiotic script. Its almost like someone came up with incredible stunt and action sequences and then they wrote a braindead story around it.

  6. Honestly I'm thinking about getting a Netflix account. Because of 6 Underground. They really reached their goal I'd say.

  7. So all of YouTube hates this film?
    This insane, action, humor, gore, sexy packed film. I think you all got together & decided to hate this movie, just like u all agreed to suck Jokers ass. Unsubscribe from EVERY channel, I did

  8. even if its a good movie. 150m for one movie, no wonder they're so much in debt. for that much they should at least do theatrical run to get some money back then stream it

  9. It's has 160M subscribers approx. It's probably making 1.5B a month. This is peanut for them. As you said they're sailing into unchartered waters so there are always gonna be risks. I think they like it. This movie was already paid for before it was greenlighted. That's the difference between box office and subscription base models.

  10. 6 Underground, now the Witcher. I've got both Disney + and Netflix ( and Amazon). So far Netflix is where I go for new. Other than The Mandalorian there is only reruns (of movies I previously watched and enjoyed) on Disney

  11. Michael Bay jizzed all over this movie lmao, this movie isn’t for everyone but the yacht ending had me like “Oh Shit!”.

  12. Terrible risk, this movie was pretty bad from many perspectives. I’m an action junky and couldn’t even enjoy this aspect because the editing, camera angles, and cutscenes were so obnoxious.


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