honest thoughts on ITZY's WANNABE


my honest thoughts on Itzy’s comeback with WANNABE! I was so excited when I saw the teaser photos and it definitely was not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed!

I feel some people might misinterpret what I meant with the point about choreography, because I do agree that it looks amazing in the music video, but seeing the showcase, I just thought it wasn’t my favourite. That’s it!

Anyways, if you like this type of comeback review video, then please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments!



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  1. Just think 2000s songs from pop song movies (Lizzie McGuire, or any Disney movie) or early Pop music
    Then think Itzy

  2. The BTS Love Yourself concept is an storyline, not a one and done concept era. I need people to stop throwing around the word double standard when someone doesn't like your favs concept.

  3. Its very easy to just sit and speak about the choreography and the moves. But actually very difficult when you try them on your own!! I don't why people are so disrespectfull!!
    Imagine doing a huge amount of hard work as a kpop idol and then hearing such reviews from people that choregraphy is not good! Blah blah blah!! 😑

  4. I have the same feeling with you when it comes to the choreography,
    the only movement I remember after watching is the start of the dancebreak.
    I love itzy and the previous title tracks and their performances,
    but I really would love to see them giving a different concept next time.

    great video as usual btw <3

  5. i might be the only one but i also feel like the performance parts of the MV and some live stages have the same vibe as red velvet’s psycho but i’m kinda living for it

  6. I really enjoy this comeback, it's kinda badass and they are very talented…. But it's getting boring because Dalla Dalla Is about being different and love yourself, Icy is about… The same… BUT wannabe is about …… The same :p
    I know this is the concept of the group, being different, but guys, I think we already know that, they can do another kind of songs

  7. Thoughts from someone who found this song very repetitive:
    The beginning sounded similar. Many moves from this dance were from dalla dalla and icy. Many lines reminded me of those 2 songs. Well, what did I like? I liked Ryujin's rap. My favorite part. She totally killed it. Also the mv. The visuals….they totally brought beautiful looks. Also, the 'I love myself' theme was repetitive. I say that because all songs literally have the same message. 1 comment from a video that intrigued me was that there are many steps to loving oneself and there are many things or parts of yourself that you can like. And they had the chance to talk about that. However, all 3 songs say they are not like everything, they would rather be bad and that they don't care about haters. I'm not gonna mention any names; one group I also like kinda does this and they took it to steps. First, they only liked themselves when someone else liked them. Second, they realized that it's not real and third, they come to accept who they are and come to love themselves, which would then let them genuinely loving others. Everything is a process, and they should that. It looked like Itzy wanted it to be a series but it's all on the same level. What I mean is, they started at 8 and stayed 8 throughout.I saw no growth. But seeing from their interviews and performances, they have such nice personalities and are so talented, I want them to succeed. I pray JYP doesn't do that for every 3 comebacks. Also, versatility; I hope I can see them in a cute concept. I love cute concepts (I have come to appreciate them so much after Twice and WJSN) and they can totally fit it. They are one of my favorite rookie groups along with TXT and Everglow. Hope they can secure their places as top 4th gen groups. Maybe itzy and txt already did it with how popular they are already. Everglow is getting there, dun dun was more successful than their last cb. Hope the best for everyone.

    *sorry for the long comment guys…😅

  8. I really don’t understand why bts is being dragged into all this. And ARMYs are the ones who supposedly talk about bts even when it’s not related to them. (I’m being sarcastic). Please don’t use bts to try and make itzy songs look better, when clearly there is a huge difference, dOuBLe StaNdaRD can’t always be the excuse for everything. It’s ok if you like the song and it’s ok if you don’t, but please stop dragging bts into this, ARMYs aren’t the ones complaining about the song.

  9. I swear to god, if YT suggest me this bitch again I will sue them! What a stupid girl… Why god, why do I have to see this dumb person on my feed? I already said that I don't want to!
    So please YT, stop send me suggestions of this "idolexpertwannabe! But to fat for it"

  10. Perhaps it could be boring now bc the begining purpose of "Love yourself” was not a concept… BTS were doing songs and talking about that bc they wanted to share a message about the importance of self love with their fans and others but lastly some are doing it as a concept wich since the begining it was not? it could be the reason why it is becoming boring… just saying

  11. 8:48
    For me, bts are digging deeper into the “I love myself” concept, like a series of layers on how to reach that ultimate self love. So people don't think it's repetitive or tiring, because it gets more interesting.

    Itzy didn't went on that path like bts did, but their songs did delivered subtle different messages like being different, being confident, and being yourself. People won't appreciate those messages if they won't actually understand the lyrics a little more.

    This is only my opinion

  12. Regarding the point with BTS… If you listened to their earlier songs like Dangerous, No more dream and Boy in luv, they had very similar vibes. It took them a while to find their sound and I find JYP gave Itzy a nice foundation to work with. I really love those dance/vogueing kind of songs.

  13. I love the concept and the outfits. However, the song and dance is super repetitive and is not "like" them. The song is good, I'll admit that, but after listening to it a handful of times I'm completely over it. The dance just is not good at all in my opinion. It just doesnt scream "Itzy" and it doesnt seem very well put together


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