Gumball Machines & Candy Grabber Toys Video Compilation ガムボールマシーン


A new Gumball Machines & Candy Grabber Toys Youtube Video Compilation for Kids, Parents & Collectors ガムボールマシーン

Originally one penny, the standard cost of one gumball in the United States is now one quarter.
Generally, a gumball machine consists of a clear sphere (originally glass, now most often plastic) which is filled with gumballs, sitting on top of a metal base. It has a metal top on top of it with a keyhole in top of it so that the top can be removed and gumballs can be put in. The coin is inserted into the base and a handle is turned around clockwise 360 degrees, depositing the coin in the base of the machine and allowing a gumball or trinket to be dispensed into a chute at the bottom of the machine that is closed off by a little metal hanging flap.

Most gumball machines have a simple mechanism for dispensing the gumball, to the point of the actual dispensation being largely invisible (after turning the handle the gumball is deposited behind the door). However, some gumball machines have more elaborate methods. Most of them utilize the potential energy of the gumball’s location above the base, by, for instance, causing it to roll down a spiral ramp, or a set of diagonal disks (each one is tilted in the opposite direction than the preceding one) with holes in lowest point. The most elaborate mechanisms also use electricity to power various forms of transit for the gumball on its way to dispensation (e.g. lifts and pulleys), as well as ramps and drops.

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Other translations for viewers from other countries:

*in Spanish, en español: Un nuevo Máquinas de Gumball & caramelo Grabber Juguetes Youtube Video Compilación a los niños, padres & coleccionistas

*in French, en français: Une nouvelle Machines Gumball & Bonbons Jouets Grabber Youtube Video Compilation pour les enfants, les parents & Collectionneurs

*in Portuguese, em Português: Um novo Gumball Machines & doces Grabber Brinquedos Youtube Video Compilation para miúdos, pais & Coletores

*in Norwegian, i norsk: En ny Gumball Machines & Candy Grabber Leker Youtube Video Compilation for barn, foreldre & Collectors

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