Cheap USB OTG Cable from Lazada (USB Female to Male Micro USB) for android


Hey guys and this is my review of the item from Lazada . This is an OTG cable which is i think its pretty usefull if your on the go person.There are so many feature and things that you can do in this accessory like connecting your usb mouse , keyboard , controller or any input devices that android support.
So that you dont have to worry about copying files from you USB flash drive.Befor Actually buying this product please do consider your phone or android device if it supports OTG capability.

compatible with usb 2.0 and usb 1.1
for use with an OTG mobile device
connect flash drive, mouse keyboard and other usb device
connectivity may vary depends on your device capability

Link to buy it-
Official Lazada Site-

Hey guys and in this vide i will going to show you how to track you order on Lazada to know the order status and details.

How to buy on Lazada using Cash ON delivery-
How to buy on Lazada using your PAYPAL-
Waitifor my order in Lazada vlog –
My Lazada order delivered –
Unboxing the Lazada Item –

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