CANON EOS R REVIEW – I'm Switching.


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  1. THANKS YOU FOR 2.5 MILLION SUBS!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Be sure to check out that give-away! YA MIGHT JUST WIN IT!

  2. Well, as I see, there is nothing new about cameras going on. Just another camera, this time without the mirror. The rest is the very same with a ring here a button there.

  3. In 96/97 before my dad died he got me into cameras, I haven’t used a camera (except for the phone one) in YEARS, you have inspired me to nurture the Shutter Bug in me and go buy a Camera, my dad used Canons all the time but he never got round to using digitals. Can you recommend a good beginner setup for me please dude thanks.

  4. How switch on video on dsrl? Since record disabled on record for video panning…keep stopping to check ov on shot without rely on lcd block by sun? Drsl vs mirrorless…dsrl meant for photo and has more buttons vs mirrorless.

  5. I hate tech companies price gouge features…give us we want. Huge disappointment. Cant find perfect camera…full frame or apsc 4k 120fps 24fps no crop weatherseal ibis headphonejack side lcd side sd usbc charging hdmi bigger battery unlimit record ef/efs mirrorless with ev. Also dsrl like buttons.

  6. 3rd time watching this Peter. I wish there was a way for me to explain to you how helpful you’ve been. I hope you are doing well and can’t wait to see your video tomorrow. I made a big step and got an EOS R myself!

  7. Hi Peter, I have a theory about the EOS R and why Canon seemed to miss the mark slightly with it – [cropped 4k, single SD card slot, only 30 & 60 fps in 4k & 1080p, M-fn bar… etc]. I believe the EOS R, was built as a test bed for Canon's RF lenses, to ensure they worked and produced the quality of image they wanted; which the reviews of the RF lenses support.

  8. Awesome video on the EOS R Peter! Definitely a goal camera for sure. I Just recently bought the Canon M50 and have been doing some video testing with it and the Sigma 18-35 F1.8. Really exiting that Canon is getting into the mirrorless game. Keep up the awesome content! 🙌

  9. Honestly I am switching to it for photography and not video so all the problems with the video is irrelevant to me


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