Canon EOS 6D Hands-on Review


You’ve been asking for it. Repeatedly. And now we have finally got our hands on Canon’s latest, “cheaper”, full-frame DSLR. With the name “6D”( it fits in slightly below the 5D Mark III( But is this Canon’s answer to the D600(

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  1. Bought mine after the release of the 6D Mark II, the original is still going strong and in my opinion the very best value for money full frame Canon DSLR. Used prices dropped from €1,000 to €600-800. For my photography (architecture, landscape, portraits) the few AF points don't matter, when I need AF it's very fine, but I mostly focus manually

  2. What do you mean by “if you want to go back to AF basics”? What does this mean and what is the difference between better cameras? Btw I’m a totally beginner, at the point where I want buy a camera to start learning photography, so that’s why I’m asking. Also would you recommend this camera for a entry level guy? Thanks for the video, it is super educational and entertaining

  3. Kinda crazy that just 6 years ago the 6D was considered hot shit. Since I've gotten into photography, I've always known of the 6D as the "rugged, tried but true, outdated but still useful beginner's full frame that only costs a few hundred bucks" lol

  4. Still one of the most bang for your buck options to go full frame an excellent for still photography. If your focus is video or you need faster autofocus, go for the 6D MkII or a Sony

  5. Love your video's! Funny and informative. One question, what camera are you using to tape this video? I like the look and feel of it.

  6. So someone is selling this camera + L Series 24-105 lens for $1000. They say it's in great condition. That's seems crazy low to me???

  7. jajajajjajajaja i love your voice and how you show the features. watching you since last year from Perú. now based in Paris!

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  10. This little douche bag is so biased, he's complaining and mentioning cameras that cost twice as much. I can't believe this guy is so popular when he's a total idiot. Not everybody wants to waste their money on a 3k camera when you can buy good glass. Also, news flash, every camera on the market has plastic in it and on it, so your complaints about plastic are irrelevant and make you look like the idiot you are.


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