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We have received quite literally one or two questions asking us whether they should get a Canon 550D( or the older 50D( which is now available for a very competitive price. Well, we took both cameras out to highlight what the best bits of each camera are. Check out the video and find out how they compare and which one comes out top in an ISO test.

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  1. I really wanna start getting into photography professionally and right now i have two options, The Canon 4000d or a second hand 50d……….. just by looking at the builds of the two cameras i can tell the 50d is way better, what do you guys think i should do?

  2. Creaming yourself, lol. Love the accent though. I've owned a 50D for some years now. While it has been relegated as a back up to my newer 80D, I still use it as my main camera from time to time. It still take great shots and a pleasure to work with.

  3. Not a hating or anything but sorry I find it super hard to watch this video the background noise is killing me.

  4. Задрал китаец. Когда уже на русском научишься разговаривать?

  5. Keep thinking about replacing my old canon 50D which was bought on 2008. 5dii,6d,7d,5diii,7dii,5ds … 50D just does it job so nicely and together with its solid solid built quality, never actually have enough motivation to leave it in my wardrobe. I print my images on 17*22 papers, the resolution is just enough, and with the right hdr technique, never have to worry about the relatively low Dynamic range comparing to new DSLRs

    Taking it to Costa Rica with two prime lenses next week, might be my last photo trip with it, words just can't express how thankful I am to this old buddy.

  6. hi i need us, i need a canon fast and nice video quality etc but for a good price anyone can tell me one?

  7. I still like my 50D especially after putting Magic Lantern on it. I can record 1080p30 video with it and it can even record video raw (via a module). Although I've not tried that as my CF card is too crap. (and too small!)

    Otherwise though she is rugged.

  8. 50d is the way to go. Because the 550D is now just another name for the rebel t2i, which is an okay camera. But not for professional uses! The 50d is a camera that will last you an extremely long time. 


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