Canon 1300D Long Term Review – Best Budget DSLR?


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Canon 200D Full Review –

The Gear I use –
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2. E-Image Tripod –
3. E-Image Fluid Head –
4. Generic Lapel Mic –
5. iPhone 7 –
6. Lens Hood –
7. MacBook Air 13 –

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  1. Guys 700D is discontinued. Go for the 200D instead. It's a very good camera for the price.
    I'll add a link in the description box to buy it.

  2. Great Review ever
    Thanks for my dreamy camera 1300D i will get my canon 1300D as lockdown ended
    My dream is to become a photographer and art worker like Vijay mahar
    Would you recomnd me 1300d for photography
    waiting for your reply
    Love from pakistan

  3. It is a very good DSLR at this price. This camera is very good for the begineers. The sensor is good, image colour is normal. It supports wifi so you can easily transfer photos to your smart phone. You can also click photos from your camera using your phone. So overall it is a very good camera for taking photos for beginners. But this camera is not so good for making videos.

  4. Your lens is different to mine, I have the 1300d also but my lens is smaller (but still18-55, they are identical lenses but yours is bigger, why is this? Thank you!) I am a beginner btw

  5. I have this model and would like to upgrade my lens to get the best out of my camera for wildlife photography… does anyone know if the EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM telephoto lens is compatible with this model — and if so, if it works well? It's so expensive, should I think about buying a new camera body instead? Thank you!

  6. Hi man can you tell me is this camera worth its price ? I wanna get into photography so is that a good camera for a beginner?

  7. Hey i just have one question and i know my choices canon 1300d and nikon d3500 aren't really comparable but i dont care about the extra af points or the higher ISO range in nikon but i just want to know that does the 18mp sensor in canon 1300d and 24mp sensor in nikon d3500 make a huge difference in picture quality?

  8. I'm looking to get a canon as I already have a Samsung NX20 and thanks to your advice,I think I'll instead get a 700D

  9. Wow bro! Sexy editing 😍… I've a prime lens for 1300D — Yongnou YN 50mm f1.8… if you can give me your email, I'll show you various photos with beautiful shallow depth of field


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