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UPDATE: As several commenters have pointed out, “Mark All As Read” exists (to a degree) in the BlackBerry Hub. Thanks, everyone! (Full description below)

For months, we’ve been excited to lay hands on the second modern monolith in BlackBerry’s arsenal – so when the company gave us the opportunity to spend some time with its new Z30, we quickly said yes.

While we received our demo hardware too late to justify a full review, we were eager to share our observations with you after a few days with the device. Here, then, for your viewing enjoyment, is a brief tour of everything we love (and everything we don’t) about the beefiest BlackBerry yet!

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BlackBerry Z30: what we love, and what we don’t | Pocketnow



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  1. From 2019 just download play store and cobalt blackberry I'D then u will have more content that's what I did with my blackberry leap

  2. I dunno I think the z30 was one of the most good looking phones out there also you say about being bland your the one who decided to buy the bog standard colour I had the white z30 and I loved the feel size lines and the chin as u put it

  3. I’m going back to blackberry
    Apple can piss off along with other phones
    They all are monitoring people and I’ve even had my phone monitored
    I don’t like it. Blackberry has incredible security and is more trust worthy than other phones right now

  4. Love my Z30, but after a year of use the battery has lost some strength. Oddly after 5 months of use my Silver Edition Passport battery became the weakest overheating battery I have ever worked with. My Q10 keyboard broke and my Z10 won’t update past BB 10.2..

  5. I'm here to reminisce the good time I used to have with this ecosystem, one which was failed by the company itself

  6. Interesting comment Cody… I agree with you.I have been a BB user for years, even though I have an iPhone 7 I prefer the BB any day. The app world is the honey trap of smartphones. Millions got seduced by this gimmick and saw the golden eggs to be more valuable than the Goose that laid it. People are stupid and naive and even though most think they're intelligent they're actually superbly dumb. This is why most people like to make a lot of noise. I think BB is a company worth backing. I am sure that Apple and Android are going to break in 2018.

  7. Ancient phone and video but…
    I'd absolutely love to see a completely re-skinned Blackberry running on Android that follows the same design and gestures cues as The BB10…!
    This phone is, without a doubt, a modern classic…!

  8. Honestly, all I use one my phone are social media apps. I don't need games or cool things to play with. I wouldn't mind a BlackBerry over my Android.

  9. BB is a really useless device unfortunately i buy this to follow my one friends opinion but im i really regrets to buy this BB have many problem like 1 u cannot install any play store app u cannot install any app from BB world for free have much more thing's in the end i just have to tell you guys please stop buying BB device this is a really stupid ass ….thanks guys an fuck you BB device owner

  10. Which model is the phone with a sliding keyboard we see at 3:28? That would be great if BlackBerry makes some models like that one. With BB10 not Android.

  11. I chose my Z10 for the removable battery. I wish BB will produce a new version of the Z10 or Z30, with rounded corners, not like the Leap. And the sliding keyboard we can see in this vid should be part of the BB product line. In a close future I hope. I like physical keyboards, but not on an Android-based such as the Priv.

  12. I'm on the verge of buying a used Z30. It has a nice OS, (probably) no spying from Google, great speakers and good audio
    audio (and… low camera quality), and I could tolerate the lack of apps (as I don't use them), but what got me is that it's very hard to replace the battery, and if you do, you'll more than likely break NFC. That's a design flaw I won't tolerate, especially because I want a used one (it normally costs upwards of $165 without screen damage in my country BTW, one for an amazing $130 for some reason). And BB10 development is practically dead. Should I still buy it? What do you think? I'll probably get something with an Exynos chipset (for audio quality) and install a custom ROM with custom notifications, keyboard etc. to make it similar to BB10. For example a Galaxy Alpha, or a Motorola, or a Lenovo.

  13. Is it still worth getting? I have a Q10 but really need a new phone. Don't really use apps all I do is watch tv shows/movies and listening music 24/7.

  14. Blackberry should have always invested on the marketing part to maintain the awareness of their phones capabilities. And should have invested on the top 100 apps used worldwide in Android and iOS worlds at least to have them available for the mass. Too bad they moved to Android platform now…

  15. the phone is pleasant to hold and look at… But that's about it on the positive side a couple of weeks ago. I just got it, it is my first BB. First, I tried to install about 7-8 diferent apps. They say android apps work on BB now, but they don't. Installation failed for 5 of those 7-8. Even when istalled apps crash or freeze, e.g. popular games. Some app developers simply say "not available for this device". No such problems on my HTC.
    Second, the PC fails to discover the phone. Tried on 4 different PCs, which have no problem discovering HTC, or Iphone. With BB, they fail to show the phone in My Computer, and there's always some problems with Blackberry Link too. My wifes BB Q10 has the same issues. This miscommunication with PCs seems to be a persisten BB issue and it is annoying.
    Third, the screen glass is really poor quality. After using it for a couple of weeks, I have more scraches on it than I have had on my HTC after 1.5 years… Never dropped it.
    Sorry, this is just not good enough for any amount of money

  16. thank for this video. I just got my blackberry z30 and no I am desperate installing skype on it but I noticed the skype app is not free found in the blackberry world. Please help! is there any way to get skype app for free for my blackberry z30 phone? Thanks in advance!

  17. Hello, does anyone still use a phone for … Talking? It has the best speakers and conversation quality, better then any phone I ever had. it is a safe phone, Android is controlled by Google, you have zero privacy on it. People think a phone is for playing games only? It has a very good battery, keyboard, decent camera but the most important thing… Phone conversations are the best.


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