Billy Gilmour & Frank Lampard React To Dominant Win | Chelsea 4-0 Everton | Premier League


Frank Lampard and MOTM Billy Gilmour share their thoughts on an remarkable 4-0 victory over Everton. Download Chelsea FC’s official mobile app: -App Store …



  1. They don't want to touch hands because of coronavirus yet stood less than a foot apart from each other openly talking and one of them sniffling throughout.
    Fear and STUPIDITY is everywhere.

  2. a midfield of McTominay, McGinn and Gilmour looks awesome for Scotland for the years ahead. they have the ability and potential to be as good as any other midfield, internationally speaking. would be a very good balanced with McTominays height/aggression/ball winning ability, Gilmours passing and technical ability on the ball, and McGinns ability to drive with the ball and score goals from midfield.

    could be an exciting 5-10 years for us, finally.

  3. Lampard discovered a new great fantastic midfielder( Billy Gilmour).
    Pls we need him against Bayern…..who knows we can still qualify because miracle can happen

  4. His football IQ is amazing at his age. If you close your eyes you can actually hear Sir Alex Ferguson. He is going to be a great manager from 2045.

  5. i know people wont believe meh being an american stud but i swear..i saw this kid playin earlier like 4 months ago briefly and my mind got triggered.

  6. Some fans allready wrote off the champions league, im not one of them. Play our first 11 obviously included billy the kid.

  7. I remember seeing this kid in a day in the life video about 2 years ago and in the video he was analyzing cesc Fábregas, he definitely shows what he learned

  8. I'm a UTD supporter but this lads brilliant what a breath of fresh air plays the game with a laugh and a smile on his face , he,s going to be a legend ,good luck to him ,every team needs a Billy gilmour, hell he even sounds like a footballer👍⚽⚽⚽⚽

  9. I knew this man before when he entered chelsea academy from rangers he was astonishing set pieces and corners he's legit

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