Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review


I didn’t expect going in that playing Battlefield V’s multiplayer would feel so much like discovering a very promising early access game.

Battlefield V Single Player Review:

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  1. I would like this game if I could actually play online not you have lost connection to the servers every time

  2. Biggest misstep this entry is squad revives. It takes away so much tactical nuance to kill 7 people then die and literally witness all 7 get revived because one person was still alive in their squad. Really kills momentum in this game. That, loading screens and super super shallow war moments compared to BF1 and I find it hard to give this above a 7.

  3. Just bought Battlefield 4 Premium on PSN for $3.66. There's still lots of players especially unkillable Japanese players. I used to play BF4 a lot back in the PS3 era and it's even better on the PS4 despite the noticeable outdated graphics compared to PC. Should I bother getting Battlefield V soon or no? Planning to buy Battlefield 1 Revolution instead when it goes on sale. Just want to know if BFV is worth getting in it's current state?

  4. Best in series history? Is this a joke? This is the worst battlefield game I've ever played, bought it for 19 dollars, it's worth about that much.

  5. Hey I'm looking for people to run with on the regular on the battlefields of conquest and Deathmatch my gamertag is Devotedminion hmu.

  6. Sometimes at bf1 I switch squad to the lose squad randomly I don't know if that's bug or that's need to happen but that stuff happening also in bfv?

  7. This doesnt even feel like world war 2. I wanna kill nazis and it doesnt even feel like I'm fighting them cus its PC

  8. Bf5 has destroyed battlefield in my opinion.
    You want a gold gun, do assignments. Why would you want other colours, most people would make it gold or chrome. Making coin does nothing. You need to buy bf coins to get characters wtf. What can you spend the normal coin on? Unless I'm missing something please let me no.
    I think it's the worst bf game they made and I'm British and that's saying something.

  9. All battlefield 1 needed was a few upgrades. Maps,vehicles,weaponry, and maybe the firestorm feature added.. BF1 to BF5 is similar to Call of duty modern warfare jumping to advanced warfare, too fast paced.. Please bring back BF1 gameplay style

  10. why are people crying about bugs? After all its still playable and its pretty funny too, people are too picky nowadays.

  11. Lol so many crybabies cry about historical accuracy even tho they know a game isnt gonna be 100% realistic or historical accurate because its just a game not history

  12. It must be frustrating for game devs to be at the mercy of reviewers who've never built or worked on a game in their lives and just pick it apart.


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