Battlefield 5 Reveal Trailer


EA finally gives us a first look at the long-awaited Battlefield 5, including gameplay.

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  1. If you watched this trailer and thought this was realistic apart from the woman being there, you have issues.

  2. I was looking forward to this Battlefield V game based on WW II. However after I saw the trailer the game looks more like some futuristic steampunk based Bioshock remake. Then I saw the comments from DICE and EA that if I don't like the game it is because I am uneducated and hate women.
    First, I love women and one of my favorites games is Tomb Raider where the main character is a woman. However trying to politicize the game was too much. It wasn't enough to put a woman on the front lines of WW II with neon paint on her face. She also could not be able-bodied cause that would have been a problem too. Of course I did not buy the game. Enough with this nonsense.

  3. No women, especially disabled women, served on the front lines as combat fighters in the British Army. Not to say that they weren’t important parts of the war effort (Churchill hired sixty women to work behind enemy lines, for example). That’s 60. Six Zero. What a shame for DICE to take WWII and attempt to feminize it…

  4. The only thing that's missing from this "trailer" are alien ships battleships and aircraft carriers falling from the sky.

  5. Don't buy it.
    Pirate it.
    mod it to be a man and upload "let's plays" of that to YT.
    That would piss off these cucks.

  6. The Soviet Union was the only major power to allow women in front-line combat roles. Some other countries allowed women to join the armed forces, but only in support roles behind the lines. The numbers were small: even in the Soviet Union women made up only 8% of the armed forces, while in the US they were just 2%. Britain had 10% and was also the first country to introduce conscription for women as well as men.

  7. When FPS fans said they wanted an old school war game, we meant for a year or two. Time to go back to modern day FPS. BF1 and WW2 were both fun for like a month then became really repetitive.

  8. Where’s my Asian german Schutze with his M1A1 Thompson wearing a samurai helmet and fighting against wamen on d-day?

  9. I'm grateful this didn't turn out like cod. I will be pre-ordering this. And I have never bought a battlefield game.

  10. Does this represent anything like battlefield DOES IT😢 I’m like Stunned right now
    Until I hear the story this is just gonna be JUST another game(bs)

  11. You guys know women did fight in WW2 right? The mindless sexism here is crazy. It's 2018 get educated. Lyudmila Pavlichenko had 309 confirmed kills, how many nazis have all you neckbeards killed.

  12. I'm thinking on getting bf4 or this.. If I play the campaign will I be confused from missing the first 3 battlefields?


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