6 Underground – Trailer Reaction / Review / Rating


Jay and Adam react, review, riff, and rate the trailer for the surprise action film starring Ryan Reynolds, 6 Underground.

Original Trailer:


Today on pReview’d, Jay and Adam react to the 6 underground trailer reaction, then review it, and at the end Jay gives it his special rating. During the 6 underground trailer review they also talk about Micheal Bay. Also in this 6 underground trailer reaction and review, i.e. the 6 underground official trailer reaction, or as it’s known on the streets, the 6 underground official trailer review, Adam gushes about Ryan Reynolds. A lot. But it wouldn’t be a 6 underground official trailer reaction and review if Jay didn’t bring up PokeMon. But that’s not all, this 6 underground netflix trailer reaction also comes with a 6 underground netflix trailer reveiew. All this for the low, low price of you hopefully watching the 5 – 15 second commercial before the video. And for good measure 6 underground ryan reynolds trailer reaction, 6 underground previewd, and TAG. And that is how you YouTube.

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  1. Such unfortunate timing of being too quick to press pause and miss out that it's Netflix. Why in such a hurry?

  2. Michael Bay's version of Mission Impossible. After he watched Fast and Furious.
    The pertinent words there is Michael Bay.

  3. With how Tyrese has been conducting himself on social media. He'll be lucky if they continue to write any lines for him at all in any future movies.

    He deserves nothing but a pink slip.

  4. Also, have you heard of the new Guy Ritchie film titled, 'The Gentleman'? Looks good to me! ✔ Can't wait to see you guys react, to the casting choices as well as the premise.

  5. Yo dawg, I heard you like Michael Bay, so I put some Michael Bay in your Michael Bay so you can Michael Bay while Michael Baying. Seriously though, any action movie with Ryan Reynolds has my money.

  6. Don't worry, Jay. This is a Michael Bay movie, you'll definitely see enough explosives to last you a decade. That's all the style I think he's known for, really. Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes it's like "Yes. Ok, Michael. 🙄 We get it! You like things that go boom ."

    Just keep him away from children's movies.

    Ryan is the only person I recognize. Unless that driver was James Franco's brother… What's his name? Are the rest up comers?

  7. This is a Netflix film I am not sure if it will be out in cinema. But its a Christmas movie on Netflix which means more people are inclined to watch it during holidays. Ryan Reynolds + Michael Bay. Fun for the whole family

  8. That's the kind of movie that makes me hate streaming… I want to own it on Blu-ray for maximum audio and picture quality… not just "rent" it at 1/5th the bandwidth.

  9. Looks good except for one factor: Michael Bay. Hopefully Ryan had a lot of say in the script and fight scenes. Hell, why didn't Ryan direct this?


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