5,998 Pesos SMART TV?! BELOW $115! Ace 32" LED-808 DK8 Unboxing & First Impression.


I hope you found this video helpful, if you have other questions just leave it down in the comments section below.
Gold Color:
Black :
I’ve been wanting for a smart tv for a while na however, they’re really expensive not until i found this!! worth it talaga.
I do have additional comments though. For its sound I really do not mind it. It may be because our bedroom is small but the sound is pretty loud however if you are planning to use it to listen to music or you want that surround sound I highly recommend to use external speakers. As for the remote, you just have to press a bit harder than i believe the usual as its buttons sink in deeper than the average.
Overall I really still love it and worth it. I can’t even believe that below 6,000 pesos I can buy a smart tv na.
here’s a link:

9/10 would recommend 😉


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  1. Hi keith, is it still working up to now? A follow up vlog bout the device after a year would be great. What do you think? Please find some time to reply on this, thankyou. ?

  2. It doesn’t really run that smooth when you use an app. Stutters like hell. Can’t even watch a video on youtube without it stuttering every 5-7 seconds.


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