2019 BMW R nineT Review


Who knew R nineTs come in all size and shapes. Bill is trying out ANOTHER 2019 BMW R nineT review and comparing it against all the other ones, including the one in his collection.

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HUGE shout out and big thank you to A&S Motorcycles BMW Triumph Ducati here in Roseville for allowing us to do our motorcycle test rides.
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  1. I've watched your review on 1250 RS and seen your review here. At the moment i having my GS and thinking of replace it with RS or RnineT, which one would you suggest ?

  2. Check out UK Vogger Moto Michelle for her RnineT Racer Zard Exhaust & Mods video – I don't like all her mods but she has fitted the upside down forks that you mention in this video to her Racer.

  3. It’s so funny to see a video pop up from my local shop i was just looking at that one the other day at a&s

  4. You mentioned the engine temp, does it translate to heat on your legs/torso?
    S1000 front end does that mean it's not adjustable?
    Wind buffeting on the highway? Need a windshield? Thanks for the video, very Informative.

  5. 喜歡外國車?你主子共產黨真不爭氣!到現在也造不出來享譽世界的品牌車!

  6. Is the only reason the RnineT doesn’t have the shift-cam engine because of aesthetics? I came very close to buying one this summer; a holdover 2018 at a more than fair price. After riding it fairly extensively, I liked it – a lot. The only reason I didn’t buy it is because it doesn’t have the shift-cam engine. There’s a difference between obsolete and retro – and I’ve already experienced this “retro” engine on my last RT which makes it, for me and many BMW riders, a tad obsolete.

  7. How does this bike compare to the 1200 gs lc? My toplist now; 1.BMW nine t – 2. 1200 gs lc. – 3. Moto Guzzi v85 tt – 4. Ktm 790 – 5. Svartpilen 701


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