2017 Canon 30D is it still worth buying for £77


My 2017 look at the Canon 30D DSLR camera. Is the 30D still worth buying. I use the 30D as a backup camera for my 5dmk1. Because they were manufactured at a similiar time the button layout is the same and the menu system is also very similiar. Pro camera choice 2020 – 2035

Canon 5d mk4 – DSLR (Will last a lifetime)

Intermediate camera

Canon 77d – DSLR (A very good all round camera)

Light weight camera

Canon 250d – DSLR (Amazing value for money)



Lenses that I use and recommend you buy (I have used allot to find these)

Canon 70-200mm f4 IS mk1 or mk2 – 

Canon 24-105 f4 IS mk1 or mk2 –  

Canon 50mm 1.8 STM –  



Flash Meter

Sekonic Flash Meter (New Version) 



Extension Tubes

Kenko Extension Tubes (Pack of three) 



Flash (simple and affordable, my favourite flash)

Neewer® TT560 Flash Speedlite



You Tube video kit

Smart Phone Holder Microphone Rig


Good Microphones

Rode NT – USB Microphone

Rode Video Micro (Canon 250d ideal mic)

Samson Go Mic



Canon M System (A great travel / YouTube system)

Canon M50 including lens

Canon 11-22mm lens

Canon Mount Adapter M




K&F Concept TC2534 Carbon (I have one for the 5D Classic)

Slik Sprint Pro III GM Tripod (I have one mk2 still going strong)

Camera Tripod ,K&F Concept 62″ (Amazing value for money)

Joby GorillaPod



Equipment I recommend ►►

My Amazon list of equipment ►►

K&F Concept on Amazon ►►



Just to let you all know I really appreciate you using the links above. When you use the links I will receive a very small commission between 1% – 5% from the company I link to. (I will only receive a commission if you buy the product using one of my links above) This really helps me buy more equipment to review on this YouTube channel and gives me the time each week to make the videos. Every little helps.

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